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Bleecker - 24 Marzo 13:54

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Drape - 3 Mayo 19:58

Page Mais une exception était tolérée par le monarque.

Petitt - 22 Febrero 13:25

I was playing a pen-and-paper roleplaying game and got into a situation in a whore house where my character had to use BDSM. of course the ignorant man I am, I called it BSDM. and hilarity ensued.

Tonja - 20 Junio 23:06

I'm sure if you choose to only date black people or only Mexicans you won't be accused of racism. What a ridiculous statement it is that you are racist if you do not date out of your own race. If I do not find a certain colour of skin or slanted eyes or affros sexy, that is not saying I am against these people or have a problem with them, it means I don't find those things attractive.

Aldaco - 24 Marzo 14:01

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